In Santiago they rename you! A kind of rebirth – but this Camiño is dedicated to my daughter Beryl

Even after my tough days, she told me I was “very cool” and remained my support ego throughout – she never doubted me, she was humorous, and reminded me the night before Santiago that even if I did not make it – I was still awesome and that I still did an incredible thing. ❤️ She is brave, confident, and a feminist in the best ways possible, she is always there to not judge me, but to show understanding, she is a remarkable person.

At times, the Camino reminded me of parenting a little child, it required my full attention, and so forth. But that it also reflects the joys of it all, and that nothing else could compare or really compete with the relationship.

And have I also been reborn in way? And you do change of course with a Camino, how do I know exactly how much or in exactly what ways? Do I feel differently about myself? I think I do. I feel much more confident in my body, that it can do what it did for me. I feel more calm, because you know that that hill will in fact end, or that town will eventually be there, so there usually is little to really worry about. Somehow, more healthy boundaries have emerged, that is hard to articulate, but that is there. And I am feeling a new expertise, a new field of study and contemplation. Now, I planned on that, but I am a but caught off guard by that also. The knowledge is more than cognitive, one’s usual approach to an academic idea or place. But, this new place for me, my new way of thinking, at least about walking, and nature, mingling with people in another land in their yards, front doors, streets, farms, and so forth, involves a integrated and holistic fresh newness and invites new thoughts and forms of imagination and ideas.

“It’s important that we leave each other and the comfort of it, and circle away, even though it’s hard sometimes, so that we can come back and swap information about what we’ve learnt even if what we do changes us and”
Robyn Davidson, Tracks: One Woman’s Journey Across 1,700 Miles of Australian Outback


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